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BZ Sept. 17, 2000 Jochen Kowalski, Orpheus mit E-Gitarre

Kowalski, Orpheus with electric guitar*
He just had a evening recital in Istanbul. He also had sang at the MET, in Vienna and in Japan. But even in Turkey people know his "Orpheus". Jochen Kowalski, 46, a star of the Komische Oper amazed with the bright alto voice. During his break, he expressed his desire to sing "Orpheus" again. He did so. It will be on Tuesday here. For the Berliners, it's the end of a long lean period, for Kowalski was ill for months.

Caption: Kowalski at private (left) as "Orpheus" (right)
BZ: Mr. Kowalski, why did you lose your voice?

Jochen Kowalski: The heat wave in the spring had done it to me. Everything flowered at the same time. I could not keep pollen out of the house. Then got slammed with a full bang of cortisone. Now I get acupuncture, which helps.

BZ: You sang Gluck's "Orpheus" 106 times. Was that easy?

JK: Nope. The role is inexhaustible, it always remains open as a reminder that one can never really grasp it. Moreover one's own standard rises. Achieving it is is a hard work. The occupation of singer is not a glamorous one at all.

BZ: And the Bravos, the fame, and the many fans?

JK: I must say, my fellow Berliners are fantastic. What I got by mail, get-well cards and flowers, were absolutely touching. I am pleased also for that reason to sing again in such way here. The Komische Oper is my homeland.

BZ: Hopefully it stays as such.

JK: I will fight with all my strength for that this house is here to stay. Berlin needs the Komische Oper, that what we make here addresses yet also to young people. I also experienced my first opera here. At that time I did not anticipate that I would sing here. And that I must learn first.

BZ: At the Hanns Eisler school you were twice rejected.

JK: As a talentless! And now they want to make some anniversary film and to interview me as a prominent graduate. There one should not be prudish. Beside I previously sang as a tenor and was probably really bad.

(Jochen Kowalski sings "Orpheus und Eurydike" Tuesday at 8 pm at Behrenstr. 55-57, tickets 16-106 Marks, Tel.: 47997400)

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