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German Newspaper / Magazine Articles*

He is glutted with marriage proposals
BZ Jan. 5, 2001  Ich bin Jochen Kowalski aus Berlin - kein Kultstar! (PDF)
English Translation  I am Kowalski from Berlin - not a cult star!

His best cure for hayfever is acupuncture
BZ Sept. 17, 2000  Jochen Kowalski, Orpheus mit E-Gitarre (PDF)
English Translation  Kowalski, Orpheus with electric guitar

Orfeo 100 times performance anniversary interview
BZ Oct. 27, 1998  Kowalski, der Sirenemann (PDF)
English Translation  Kowalski, the Sirenman

Very rare interview conducted at his residence
Berliner Morgenpost Aug. 17, 1997  Ein Sänger, der sich selbst auf den Arm nimmt
English Translation  A singer who can make fun of himself

His ideal voice was Fritz Wunderlich
Berliner Morgenpost Jan. 14, 1997  Liebesbeziehung zur Schönen Müllerin
English Translation  Dear relationship with beautiful Müllerin

Yet another very rare interview in prestigious German political magazine SPIEGEL
DER SPIEGEL 52/1994  Kribbeln im Zwerchfell
English Translation  Tickle in the Midriff---Castrato, sex in Wagner's music and GDR harassment

Interview performed during Japan tour in 1993 (originally in Japanese)
FM Fan 9/1994  I have no intention to play a female role (Japanese)
English Translation  I have no intention to play a female role

Genuine old interview performed BEFORE the collapse of the wall
FonoForum 4/1987  Rarität aus Ost-Berlin
English Translation  Rarelity from the East Berlin

Review on song recital (with black and white photo)
Saale-Zeitung June 26, 1999  Zusätzliche Dimension / Jochen Kowalski sang Volkslieder

CD Shops
As of January 2003, two best places to look for Kowalski CDs are Amazon and Tower Records You could also try Barnes & Noble For Canaians, I also suggest mymusic in Toronto I used be able to order any Capriccio title on the catalogue directly from Delta Music, the distributer of Capriccio Label in North America, but not any more :-(.

Lyrics for Evergreens and Operetten Gala
Why there's no lyrics included in these CDs? If you want to sing along with JK, here are some of the lyrics supplied by a collector of German oldies who wishes to remain anonymous. It is not mean to be complete, but as I always say, better than nothing. There is also an extensive collection of German songs in (A 10,000 Volkslieder, German and other Folksongs) where you can find more German oldies.

Fan Letter Tips
After reading a comment in the fan's web site in Germany, I decided to write to the singer. In order to assure myself for obtaining his autographed photo, I did following three things.
    1. Select language. German would be the best but English also should do.
    2. Enclose a self adhesive label that carries a return address on it. It is time consuming to write a foreign address correctly.
    3. I stated clearly that I wanted his autograph.

Furthermore, I made a clip art of music note from the famous aria of Orfeo, "Che faro..." and used it for an illustration in the envelope and the letter. I was confident that he would not overlook the music note that he sure must have seen so many times. Finally, I took the letter to the post office and asked for the most showy stamp with a gold trim. In my case, Kowalski sent me not only one but two autographed photos. One of them carries his message and my name on it too :-). He also sent two posters from his previous recitals in Japan. One of the poster was also autographed. The seam of the envelope carries his autograph, a kind of proof, that he personally attended the letter not his assistant.

If you are planing to send him a fan letter, please use the above tips. As the letter will be delivered to the Komische Oper, there is a possibility that your letter might end up among many junk mails. Do a couple of tricks that make your letter "stand out among the crowd". His mailing address is as follows. viel Glueck!

Jochen Kowalski

Behrenstr. 55-57
D-10117 BERLIN

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